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Free trial information

We offer free trials subject to availability. Priority is given to paid enrolments. Many of our classes do fill up prior to the term beginning. To ensure you don't miss out on a place - you may like to take advantage of our 4-week guarantee (more information below).

What happens if the class I've registered for becomes full with paid enrolments?
We will send you an email and a text message notifying you that your free trial has been cancelled. We will then pop you on the waitlist for your preferred class. If an enrolled child is absent during the term we will invite you along for your free trial session.

What is the 4-week guarantee?
If your child isn't engaging and is genuinely unhappy or disinterested in the session after 4 classes we will refund you the remaining balance on your account. It can often takes a few sessions for children to feel comfortable and participate fully. The 4-week guarantee ensures that you are able to give your child the time they may need to settle into our sessions.

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