About Us

Jiggle Jam integrates music, movement and story to create an immersive, play-based experience for children 18 months to 5 years old. Using an evidence-based approach, the program supports childhood development and early learning.

Our program is inspired by the Kodály method of music education. Zoltan Kodály was a Hungarian composer and educator born in 1882. Many of our exercises incorporate his concepts.


 Original Music 

All of our Jiggle Jam music has been carefully created to support musical learning. Our songs incorporate tempo and pitch recognition games, rhythm and beat exercises and creative expression. The music is fun, exciting and adventure-based to keep little ones entertained.


Live Music and Instruments

We explore different musical instruments each week! Instruments are an exciting, sensory experience and help us learn about beat and rhythm.


Singing games are a fun way to develop aural skills. We use solfa (do, re, mi...) to explore tonality and build confidence with our very own instrument.

Story-based Adventures

Musical learning is an interactive experience in a Jiggle Jam class. We use puppets and props to spark imagination and creative expression. A new adventure awaits us each week!

Will we be Robots today? Or perhaps we'll take a walk through the Jungle... or be whisked away to the land of Knights, Princesses and Dragons! 

Jiggle Jam Curriculum

Each child will experience a Jiggle Jam class differently! Our curriculum provides a unique and developmentally appropriate musical learning experience for all children aged 18 months to 5 years. 

1.5 - 3 years

Beginner Beat and Rhythm

Exercises incorporate body percussion and simple instruments. A strong focus on developing a sense of pulse.

Basic Pitch Recognition

Basic pitch recognition activities to explore high and low sounds. 

Finding our Voice

We explore tonality using solfa (do, re, mi) singing activities. We use our body (with some caregiver assistance) to mark the notes in the scale and develop familiarity with the progression.


Developmentally appropriate movement and dance is incorporated into each activity.

Parent/caregiver participation required.

3 - 5 years

Developing Beat and Rhythm

We introduce the Kodály method of counting rhythm; a name is given to each beat. We continue exploring more challenging beats and rhythm with body percussion and instruments.

Pitch Recognition

We develop our sense of pitch recognition and begin incorporating solfa into our activities.

Developing our Voice

We develop tonality using solfa (do, re, mi) singing activities. We begin to incorporate the Kodály hand signs to recognise each tone.


Developmentally appropriate movement and dance is incorporated into each activity.